Field Trip Friday: Camp Bayou

Last Friday’s field trip was a half family field trip. It was more of a school thing for the youngers, so dad, baby and the teens stayed home to do other things.

The rest of us headed down to Camp Bayou in Ruskin, Florida for a class on weaving and a class on hut construction. When we got there they split us into two groups — ages 7 and up started with hut construction and ages 6 and down started with weaving. That worked out perfectly for everyone except me who had kids in both groups. I had to keep running back and forth to get pictures of both classes. Aerobics

I stayed with Jesse’s group first as he’s usually a little lot nervous about me leaving him anywhere.

The instructors first showed the children how weaving would work. Once Jesse had a turn, I ran over to check on hut construction. Happily, Jesse stayed with his group.

They were still standing around talking so I ran back to weaving!

After Jesse’s mat was done, we ran back to the hut construction, but it was over. That quick those kids had constructed a hut and then taken it down again! Oh well!! The groups switched and it was John and Sophia’s turn to do weaving and the little guys got to build a hut. First the instructor let them examine a hut that was constructed by the boy scouts for an eagle scout project.

Then it was on to building their own hut!

Once hut construction was complete, Jesse and I (he wouldn’t let me leave him this time) ran over to check on the weavers.

They were doing totally fine on their own so we ran back to make sure we didn’t miss anything at the end of hut construction. Good thing we did. They were just about to take a group picture of the kids in their hut!

I couldn’t help snapping a pic of the moms snapping pics with their phones and cameras. We do all love taking pictures of our kids, don’t we? Pleasure

After deconstruction to ready the activity for the next group, the instructor led them around the grounds. They were pretty interested in the gator trap!

When Jesse and I walked back to weaving, Sophia was running around playing tag while John and a few others finished up. What a great little place and a fun time learning new things!!

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