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Sometimes it’s frustrating having to post only one photo on my 365 project. Today I had several that I liked a lot. 🙂 There is the option to upgrade the 365 to an ACE membership and not have a posting restriction, but I’m not ready to do that yet. Perhaps after I’ve completed my first project. (I’m at 82% with over 300 photos posted!)

And, if I get desperate to post extras, I can post them here!

I’m taking an Intro to Natural Light class with clickin moms right now. Today Sophia was my guinea pig. I had her in all different positions around the window in the baby’s nursery. That window is west facing and I was working at around 10 in the morning. The light was still quite bright, though, and she had trouble not squinting.

This shot is my favorite from our session. My only problem with it is that the catchlights are in the pupils. Does that look strange to you? I didn’t notice it until I downloaded. I’ve got to remember to see where those catchlights are before snapping!

Random 091815 wm (1 of 3)

After I fed baby, Sophia and Jesse and I made a quick run to the library. The librarian looked a little surprised when I walked in with my camera around my neck, but she was fine with me taking pictures of the kids looking at books.

I tried to get a good shot of both kids in the book aisle.

Random 091815 wm (2 of 3)

But my favorite (and the shot I ultimately added to my 365) was one of just Jesse pulling a book from the shelf.

Random 091815 wm (1 of 4)

When I got home, I had a message from one of baby Charlie’s godmothers asking for new photos. Of course, I’m not going to pass up a request like that! I had been meaning to take some pictures just for her anyway. She knitted an amazing Noah’s Ark blanket for him and he just happened to have a onesie that matched it perfectly! 🙂

Random 091815 wm (2 of 4)

Random 091815 wm (4 of 4)

Random 091815 wm (3 of 4)

I couldn’t even decide which of those three I liked the best, so I sent her all of them. 😉

Dad was around as an extra hand during the Noah’s Ark shots and he held Charlie when we were done. Couldn’t pass up a sweet Dad and baby shot, could I?

Random 091815 wm (3 of 3)

All in all, a pretty fulfilling photography day!

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