365 project days 35-39

Day 35

oreo truffles

I have to admit. It was right around day 35 that I started getting lazy about my pictures. Thanksgiving and being sick took a toll that I’m still not completely past. Just so you’re warned. 🙂 This picture is of a new dessert I tried for Thanksgiving — Oreo truffles. The kids loved having these around because I let them snitch a couple throughout the day and there were plenty left the next day. SO. EASY. You literally just mix a package of crushed oreos with softened cream cheese, chill, roll into balls, and dip in melted almond bark. I’ll probably have to make these again for our Christmas party.

Day 36

Thanksgiving Table

Our table on Thanksgiving. The kids did every bit of this while I finished up the dinner. I think they did a great job!

Day 37

Jesse feet

I bought a copy of The Unexpected Everyday from Click It Up a Notch for 50% off on Black Friday. The first assignment was setting a focal point and the suggestion was to use little feet.

Day 38

roll dough

I didn’t feel like baking all 48 rolls on Thanksgiving, so I baked the second half of the dough two days later. Turned out to be a good idea as everyone was thrilled with fresh rolls amidst all the leftovers.

Day 39

Lentil beans

Novella helped me set up a lightbox for this shot. It was one of my most popular so far on 365project!

One thought on “365 project days 35-39

  1. This is Helen-
    Day 39 – My favorite. It has a “At home” look. By the way, your lentils and rice recipe was great! I liked it! It reminded me of a Costa Rican dish I had once. Yummy!

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