365 project days 30-34

Rats. I got behind again. I’ve got to carve out a little time in my day just to post my 365 project photo of the day! In my defense, I’ve had a terrible cold for about 2 weeks. Hopefully now that I’m feeling a little more human, I can do better! I won’t inundate you with too many photos in one post. I’ll do about five each time until I catch up.

Day 30

John sleeping with book brighter

Even though I was sick, I forced myself to do a lot of Christmas shopping this day. It was dh’s day off and the big boys had co-op. I dropped them off and had three whole hours to myself! I thought I’d take pictures of shoppers or the stores where I shopped, but I was a little chicken. I did get a couple of shots of the front of the mall, but when it came time to post my picture of the day, I felt like I needed something better. My 9 year old had been trying to catch up with his readings for school and read Robinson Crusoe for so long he fell asleep. Perfect! Dh helped me by holding my cell phone up above me and at an angle with the phone flashlight on. I used my tripod so I could have a shutter speed of 1/2. My ISO was set at 400 and my aperture was 6.3. I really love how it turned out. He is always so diligent about his schoolwork so capturing a shot of him asleep with a book in his hands really captures who he is right now.

Day 31

We Love Daddy 2

Saw this photo idea on Click It Up a Notch and couldn’t resist re-creating it for Kenny’s birthday. I also practiced dramatic lighting while he was blowing out his candles.

Blowing out candles

Day 32

Soph with flowers

It was getting late on day 32 when I realized I didn’t have a picture for the day. (This seems to be a trend! I need to think about it all day not just 5 minutes before I lose light!) I called to the girls and asked them if they wanted to take a quick walk with me. We walked to a pond near our house and I took lots of shots but I knew I didn’t have “the one.” On the way back home, Sophia stopped to look at some flowers and I took a few more shots. The unplanned and unexpected always seem to turn out the best!

Day 33

bird at church

I was so sorry I didn’t have a zoom lens when I saw a giant bird sitting on the edge of the church property. I got as close as I could, but the bird spooked and flew away before I could get a really good shot.

Day 34

Jesse thinking black and white

The kids and I made pumpkin bread for breakfast on this morning. I got a couple of good shots of the mixing bowl with all the spices for the bread lined up in a ring, but I got afraid it would give away too much of the recipe. My mom’s pumpkin bread recipe is a family secret. 😉 So I shared an image I captured of Jesse later in the afternoon while he was playing outside.

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