365 Project Days 28 and 29

Day 28

hot chocolate

We’ve been pretty cold in Florida the last few days. No, it’s not New York cold. But we’re in Florida. I’m expecting to walk out most days of the year in flip flops and shorts. This has been sweater weather, people! And jackets!! I made the kids hot cocoa during our morning break from school yesterday and snapped a few pics while they enjoyed the treat. Here are a couple others I liked:

John hot chocolate

peach fuzz

Day 29

Novella stage makeup

Wow! The stage makeup was crazy! Novella had a performance at a Novemberfest celebration tonight. It was the first time we’d had to do recital hair and makeup since she switched to the ballet preparatory school. They glued rhinestones under her eyes and painted and glittered her lips. Again. Wow! I was so cold I didn’t even think to get a picture of her whole costume!

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