365 Project Days 18-27

Day 18

Sophia on the swing 2 lighter smaller

This girl is so photogenic! Here’s another one from that day that I like a lot.

Sophia on the swing smaller

Day 19

Heart shaped rock

Day 20

1st attempt at panning

I was trying a technique called “panning.” I definitely need more practice, but this shot is kind of cool in it’s own way.

Day 21

John legos

OK. I started getting a little desperate for inspiration here. It was almost sunset and I had nothing. We had just dropped Kenny off at the church and John asked me to look at some legos he was playing with. I immediately had him jump out of the car and place them on the fence at church. Thank goodness I had my camera with me!

Day 22

random flower

I read that my DSLR camera has a macro setting. I was trying it out but had trouble because of a breeze that wouldn’t allow my flower to stay still long enough! Therefore I couldn’t focus as closely as I would have liked.

Day 23

Jesse sleeping b&w

There was a specific dramatic lighting technique I was trying to achieve here. It didn’t really work. This was also the day my 50mm camera lens finally came in the mail. (I bought it used off ebay for a deal that was really too good to be true. After it took over 10 days to arrive, I thought I’d lost my money!)

Day 24

Dirty hands

Yep. That 50mm is pretty cool! Here are a couple others I liked from that day:

eating dirt

Jesse said, “Look Mom. Take a picture of me eating dirt.” Thankfully, he didn’t actually eat the dirt.

John with ripped jeans smaller

Day 25

Sophia shadows

Hang on. Just a couple more days and we’ll be caught up. 🙂

Day 26

girls in bandw

After I took pictures of the two girls, I tried the dramatic lighting trick again. I got a little closer, but there were some strange shadows I didn’t like.

Day 27

nov dramatic lighting 2

That’s what I was trying to do! Happy dance!!

Thanks for sticking in there for the massively long post. Going forward, I’m hoping to post at least every other day so I won’t have to post so many at once. Have a great Wednesday tomorrow!

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