Picture project day 11

I snapped this one in the garden at church today. Some days I think I’m improving and then I have days that I feel like I know nothing. The meter on the camera was no help today. It seemed to be completely off. Oh well. Thank goodness I’m not on anyone’s time table but my own!

In the garden

Day 10’s photo was of Novella in the shade on the side of the house. We put her hair in a bun three days a week for dance. She was too tired to take it down the night before this pic so we got a “messy bun” photo. 🙂

Nov on Nov 1

Day 9 was Halloween. I wasn’t blown away by any of the costume shots. For this project, I guess I’m looking for something “special” each day. It isn’t always a portrait shot.

Jack o lantern photo

Novella got Day 8, too, because she was the only one willing to be my “model”. 🙂 Dad thought this one looked a little too posed. But if I’m practicing portrait photography, I think that’s OK!

Beautiful Bird

I learned some more tonight about getting proper focus. Can’t wait to try it out tomorrow at the beach! Have a great week!

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