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Well, I all but abandoned Daffodil Days when I really got rolling with my home decor blog, Daffodils at Home. Daffodil Days is more of a personal blog, and I’m here to resurrect it. I’ve got a new passion and I want to share! I’ve always loved taking pictures. A few months ago I offered to take photos for the church members to create a member directory. I enjoyed it so much and was so happy with the results that it launched me into a full blown obsession with photography. I’ve been reading blogs, library books and watching tutorials on youtube every chance I get! I have already learned so much but it’s mind boggling how much more there is to learn! I found a site where you post a photo a day for a whole year and I decided to join. The site is called 365 Project. I’ve been participating for just under a week. Here are the photos I’ve posted so far:

S playing barbies Working on perspective.

Swinging at sunset Playing with faster shutter speeds to freeze motion.

Front porch for fall Fall front porch I photographed for my decor blog.

B&W flower Figured out the Black and White setting!

black cat Trying to get better focus, but didn’t quite get it.

Acorns Morning trip to the pond. Nailed the focus! Whoo hoo!!

The only photo I’m not sharing is a family portrait session I did on Monday. I’m keeping the final version under wraps until I can send a copy out to Grandma and Grandpa. 😉

Have you ever participated in anything like this? The hardest part is choosing only one photo each day. I was so excited yesterday to figure out a trick called “back button focus”. I got a couple of awesome shots of John down by a pond near our house.

Great smile by the pond

Near the pond

And this one! It isn’t the best of John, but I caught birds in flight in the background!! So excited. 🙂

Birds in flight

I’ll probably jump on here a little more regularly now to share some of my fun photos. I love that 365 Project is forcing the camera into my hands every day! You could try it, too. It isn’t just for DSLR users. You can participate with a point and shoot or even a phone camera. Have fun shooting!

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