Whew! Almost finished with the strawberries!

Here’s the current update on the list:

* One loaf of egg bread in the breadmaker
* Freeze 2 more gallons of strawberries
* Batch of strawberry jam
* Angel food cake so we can have strawberry shortcakes
* Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
* Banana pumpkin chocolate chip muffins
* Cut up and freeze lots of luncheon meat we were recently gifted with by our neighbor the caterer

The only thing left on the original list is the muffins that I decided not to make right now. So I’m done! I still have one gallon of strawberries left. We’re going to eat as many as we want tomorrow, make strawberry ice cream and then freeze any that are remaining.

Today’s baking adventures were fun. I cheated a little this morning. You are all going to think I’m terrible!! Instead of a healthy breakfast I made the oatmeal cookies first thing and we ate them for breakfast. Yep! You read it right. I fed my children sugar laden dessert for their morning meal. But hey. It had plusses. 1. They have oatmeal in them 2. Technically it was a hot breakfast as we ate them warm out of the oven and 3. We had milk with them. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


A couple of days ago I looked through a box of kitchen stuff from my mom’s house. It was mostly full of jelly jar drinking glasses and saucers with no cups to match, but I did find this jem:


Do any of my siblings know the origin of this cookie jar? Was it Granny S.’s?? It has a big chip in the top (can that be repaired, D?) but it warmed my heart to see it again.

For lunch I finally made spinach salad. No one wanted any except me!! Can you believe that looking at the picture of this salad?


The other biggie today was the strawberry jam. Everything went perfectly with that project and we now have 8 jelly jars of very yummy jam to enjoy over the next few months. I used the recipe from here and did the low sugar version. In my experiments with fig jelly I’ve learned that the no sugar jam tastes weird, the full sugar jam just tastes like sugar and the low sugar version is just right!


In other news, W. was Indiana Jones today…


and Iz had a blast playing on the floor:


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