Today’s favorites

Sometimes it’s frustrating having to post only one photo on my 365 project. Today I had several that I liked a lot. 🙂 There is the option to upgrade the 365 to an ACE membership and not have a posting restriction, but I’m not ready to do that yet. Perhaps after I’ve completed my first project. (I’m at 82% with over 300 photos posted!)

And, if I get desperate to post extras, I can post them here!

I’m taking an Intro to Natural Light class with clickin moms right now. Today Sophia was my guinea pig. I had her in all different positions around the window in the baby’s nursery. That window is west facing and I was working at around 10 in the morning. The light was still quite bright, though, and she had trouble not squinting.

This shot is my favorite from our session. My only problem with it is that the catchlights are in the pupils. Does that look strange to you? I didn’t notice it until I downloaded. I’ve got to remember to see where those catchlights are before snapping!

Random 091815 wm (1 of 3)

After I fed baby, Sophia and Jesse and I made a quick run to the library. The librarian looked a little surprised when I walked in with my camera around my neck, but she was fine with me taking pictures of the kids looking at books.

I tried to get a good shot of both kids in the book aisle.

Random 091815 wm (2 of 3)

But my favorite (and the shot I ultimately added to my 365) was one of just Jesse pulling a book from the shelf.

Random 091815 wm (1 of 4)

When I got home, I had a message from one of baby Charlie’s godmothers asking for new photos. Of course, I’m not going to pass up a request like that! I had been meaning to take some pictures just for her anyway. She knitted an amazing Noah’s Ark blanket for him and he just happened to have a onesie that matched it perfectly! 🙂

Random 091815 wm (2 of 4)

Random 091815 wm (4 of 4)

Random 091815 wm (3 of 4)

I couldn’t even decide which of those three I liked the best, so I sent her all of them. 😉

Dad was around as an extra hand during the Noah’s Ark shots and he held Charlie when we were done. Couldn’t pass up a sweet Dad and baby shot, could I?

Random 091815 wm (3 of 3)

All in all, a pretty fulfilling photography day!

New posts coming…maybe :)

Well, I was about to put up a brand new post all about the new baby (yes, he’s here! he’s already 2 1/2 weeks old!!). But… he decided to start screaming which made S. start screaming. Since I now have 2 screaming babies I’m thinking it isn’t really a good time for blogging. Soon… I promise. Well, I promise I’ll at least try. 🙂

*Hey, at least I changed the ticker!

Happy Birthday, Little Butterfly

Words cannot begin to express how blessed I feel to have had my sweet Iz in my life for the past year. The time has flown but it has all been a dream. Thank you, Lord, for this precious gift of a girl.

Sissy N. suggested the birthday theme — butterflies. It was perfect. I made two cakes. One I formed into a butterfly for Iz and the other I made a two layer for the party guests. They were both carrot cakes with the butterfly one being sans nuts and coconut. Most of the kiddos opted for a piece of the butterfly. 🙂



We had the party at lunchtime and served a light lunch for our guests that included Almond Chicken Salad, cucumber sandwiches, butterfly shaped cheese sandwiches, and fruit skewers. Gma J. made all the food except the cakes. THANK YOU, GRANDMA!!!!


Iz enjoying her butterfly cheese sandwich:


Iz eating her cake:


All the siblings decorated while Gma and I got everything else ready:


After lunch and cake it was on to presents:


All in all, it was a pretty great birthday.


I better post the 11 month report quick!!

It’s almost birthday time!! But since it would be a shame to skip the 11 month post when there has been one for every other month, here it is:


My Izzy girl on June 24th. 🙂


The biggest news to report is that she is crawling!! Yea!! And, oh my, is she ever crawling. I can put her down in the living room and walk around the circle to the kitchen. By the time I get to the kitchen she’s already there! Whew!! We’re still scrambling with some baby proofing. We finally decided the best way to baby proof the boys’ room was to close the door. 😉

Look for more pictures soon. I’m going to post a belated 4th post plus Grandma is coming this weekend for the big birthday celebration next weekend!

She’s my baby — she likes biscuits

That’s right. My baby likes biscuits. This is important. I was raised on biscuits (and gravy!). I think my grandma made biscuits every day. I’ll never make them like Grandma or my mom but with a little help from Southern Living mine are OK. At least Izzy thinks so…


By the way, this little angel turned 10 months on Sunday. Good heavens it’ll be birthday time before I know it!!

3/4 of a year old!

Izzy is 9 months old!! She is still such a sweetie. A little bit of “mommy clinginess” is creeping in which is sad for the people at church that love to hold her. Hopefully it will be short-lived. She continues to be very happy and can entertain herself for ages. She loves to just sit and clap and bounce her little body. 🙂 She also loves to hear her own voice. She can say dada, mama as well as nana and meme. She is also getting quite proficient at waving goodbye. No crawling yet but she did keep the tummy off the floor for a few minutes today.



Whew! Almost finished with the strawberries!

Here’s the current update on the list:

* One loaf of egg bread in the breadmaker
* Freeze 2 more gallons of strawberries
* Batch of strawberry jam
* Angel food cake so we can have strawberry shortcakes
* Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
* Banana pumpkin chocolate chip muffins
* Cut up and freeze lots of luncheon meat we were recently gifted with by our neighbor the caterer

The only thing left on the original list is the muffins that I decided not to make right now. So I’m done! I still have one gallon of strawberries left. We’re going to eat as many as we want tomorrow, make strawberry ice cream and then freeze any that are remaining.

Today’s baking adventures were fun. I cheated a little this morning. You are all going to think I’m terrible!! Instead of a healthy breakfast I made the oatmeal cookies first thing and we ate them for breakfast. Yep! You read it right. I fed my children sugar laden dessert for their morning meal. But hey. It had plusses. 1. They have oatmeal in them 2. Technically it was a hot breakfast as we ate them warm out of the oven and 3. We had milk with them. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


A couple of days ago I looked through a box of kitchen stuff from my mom’s house. It was mostly full of jelly jar drinking glasses and saucers with no cups to match, but I did find this jem:


Do any of my siblings know the origin of this cookie jar? Was it Granny S.’s?? It has a big chip in the top (can that be repaired, D?) but it warmed my heart to see it again.

For lunch I finally made spinach salad. No one wanted any except me!! Can you believe that looking at the picture of this salad?


The other biggie today was the strawberry jam. Everything went perfectly with that project and we now have 8 jelly jars of very yummy jam to enjoy over the next few months. I used the recipe from here and did the low sugar version. In my experiments with fig jelly I’ve learned that the no sugar jam tastes weird, the full sugar jam just tastes like sugar and the low sugar version is just right!


In other news, W. was Indiana Jones today…


and Iz had a blast playing on the floor: