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One of my favorite decor blogs, Young House Love, hosted a thrift store challenge last week based on a new song by a popular rap artist. While I did not enjoy the song (which was sadly full of profanity) I couldn’t pass up an excuse to go thrifting!! I took MiniMe with me and we had a blast.

The rules of the game were:

1. Go to a thrift store of your choice with only $20 in your pocket (referenced in the song) and take a picture of yourself. Of course, MiniMe took a picture of me so I had to take a picture of her, too. The pictures crack me up. It seems obvious in my face that I want her to hurry because the whole picture thing is embarrassing me a little. She, on the other hand, has this “heh, heh, heh, I have $20 whole dollars!!!” look on her face. Overjoy

From Drop Box
From Drop Box

2. Find a couple of things referenced in the song and snap a picture of them.

We found suitcases…

From Drop Box

And sort of a keyboard…

From Drop Box

We were in a bit of a hurry to get to dance so we didn’t try on any big coats or look for footy pajamas. We did notice a *lot* of old TVs which weren’t in the song but we took a picture anyway.

From Drop Box

I also took a picture of this cool rocker just because I kind of liked it.

From Drop Box

3. Buy anything you want with your $20 and photograph your spoils.

From Drop Box

I wound up not spending my whole $20. It was half off day at the thrift store plus I literally had only $20 with me so I was concerned about going over. This thrift store takes cash only. I came home with a great little side table for $4.99. I’ve been looking for a good sturdy one for a while and this one has a flip top to use as extra storage. How cool is that? I think it looks kind of mid-century.

I also bought a couple of picture frames for me ($1.50 and $0.75) and a nice silver butterfly frame for Novella ($2.99). The little basket I grabbed first off thinking I could spray paint it. I should have looked at it a little closer, though, because it’s not in tip top shape. It was $1.50 so not a huge loss. I think I just got too excited. 🙂 I may spray paint it anyway and use it for a while.

My grand total was $12.13. And going thrifting with my girl? Priceless!

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