Field Trip Friday: Covered Bridges and Back to Bennington

If you’ve been wondering what happened to the Field Trip Friday posts this school year, there haven’t been any posts because we haven’t managed to go on any field trips! This school year has been one of our busiest ever. That combined with the death of our trusty old van has made it very difficult to accomplish our grand field trip plans. But not impossible!

Last Friday we got up semi-early and headed back to Bennington, Vermont. You may remember that Bennington was our very first field trip after moving to New York. In the fall of 2011, we drove over just to see Robert Frost’s grave. What a great field trip that was. {contented sigh}

This year for picture study we’ve been studying the life and works of Anna Mary Robertson Moses (aka Grandma Moses). We had heard that there was a museum in Bennington that has a Grandma Moses exhibit so we knew we had to go back.

We’ve been meaning to go since September but kept putting it off. What spurred me into action last week was Christmas cards. “Wouldn’t it be cool”, I thought, “to take a Christmas card picture of all the kids in front of the red covered bridge museum?”

Turns out it cost us $18 to get into the museum. I suppose we could have just jumped out, taken the picture, and then headed on over to the Grandma Moses exhibit. But after an hour and a half drive, the four year old had to use the facilities. And I wanted happy children for the picture! 😉

From 2012-12-01

The kids were immediately fascinated by the huge electric train set. Especially my little future train engineer.

From 2012-12-01

We also learned some cool information about covered bridges. Did you know there were once over 600 covered bridges in Vermont but now there are less than 200?

From 2012-12-01

We attempted to watch a slide show with audio which told a lot more of the history of the covered bridges, but we knew we were pushing our luck if we wanted “happy” children outside. We looked around for a few more minutes and then headed outside.

I had to take a picture of this moose. I don’t know why there was a moose at the covered bridge museum. We actually saw a lot of moose hanging around Bennington. I should look it up. Maybe it’s like the horses all over Saratoga. Maybe Bennington has moose races in the summer…

From 2012-12-01

We had a little trouble with the Christmas card picture. Isn’t that just par for the course?

From 2012-12-01
From 2012-12-01

I eventually got one that would work (I’ll post it closer to Christmas) and we headed over to the Bennington Museum.

The Grandma Moses exhibit was AWESOME. I was giddy! I had to go back to the car and get the stroller for Jesse because I was GOING to enjoy this exhibit!! I was a little disappointed not to see any of the paintings we had studied, but I was still thrilled to see her work. We also got to see her actual painting table and many of her supplies. They had a video interview playing but I didn’t get to see much of it. People kept pressuring me to get out of there and go look at the Christmas trees on the 2nd floor. {sigh} Who cares about Christmas trees when you can see REAL LIVE GRANDMA MOSES PAINTINGS, PEOPLE!! I yelled at calmly asked everyone to give me a few more minutes and found a replica of the schoolroom where Grandma Moses went to school. Novella enjoyed that part quite a bit. They even had a “Dunce” hat.

Kenny finally tore me out of the exhibit and we wandered around upstairs. The coolest thing I saw was one of the oldest American flags still in existence. The 13 stars were not even in the typical arrangement.

We weren’t allowed to take photos at all inside the museum — even without flash. We asked Abe to take a shot of just mom and dad outside the museum before we left.

From 2012-12-01

The boys were planning a camping trip that evening so we headed for home around 2:00 p.m. Next up — Amherst, Massachusetts!

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  1. Oh my goodness Abe’s expression in that picture Bless his heart. Jesse was not a happy camper. Looks like fun was had by all. Merry Christmas Yall miss u xxx Joe and Donna

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