School time!

The work I did sorting the papers on the hutch launched me into something not unlike late pregnancy nesting. It’s called SCHOOL PREP!! I bet all the homeschool moms know what I’m talking about. A couple of weeks before the start of school each year (and sometimes the whole summer!) I decide to organize pretty much everything. I become the ultimate SHE, as Flylady would call it, and spend hours at a time going through school books and papers, re-arranging bookshelves and furniture, and making new schedules.

The school frenzy explains why Daffodil Days has been so quiet the past few weeks. That plus the kids discovered Minecraft and I’ve had very little computer time to myself. 😉 Thankfully, they agreed to put Minecraft aside except maybe on holidays.

I’ve got a cute post floating around my head for the first day of school (which was yesterday). I’m hoping that as the new schedule becomes more of a routine I’ll will have time again for blogging. 🙂

Happy school days!!

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