Thankful for Flylady!

Don’t you hate it when you manage to keep your house clean for weeks and the day after you let things fall apart you get unexpected company? I used to feel like that ALWAYS happened to me. Yesterday evening we had a chance to meet with a friend from college for dinner. We had planned to go out to dinner but circumstances made it easier for him to come to our home instead. Normally I would have panicked. We had about an hour’s notice and I hadn’t cooked dinner yet.

Since I’ve been back on the flylady bandwagon, things were OK. They weren’t perfect and the kids and I did run around picking up random toys and doing a quick swish and swipe of the bathrooms. But overall, it came together very quickly. The kids were proud, too. And we had a wonderful, relaxing evening with an old friend.


To be honest, I didn’t feel I had that much to do in the kitchen this month. It was already completely de-cluttered. But I managed to find plenty to do once I got started.

Monday I decided to clean out the fridge. It definitely needed a de-cluttering!


It only took a few minutes to take everything out, wipe down the shelves, and put things back neatly.


Tuesday was a crazy day and I couldn’t even squeeze in the 15 minutes. Shameful, I know. But on Wednesday I was able to clean the windows, wipe off the top of the refrigerator and clean the inside of the microwave — all in 15 minutes! I also swept and mopped half the floor. I only did half because it was close to lunch time and I didn’t want anyone to slip getting lunch.

Yesterday was errand day, dr. appointment day plus company for dinner. So the 15 minutes again eluded me. Today is baby boy’s birthday so I’m not sure anything else will happen. Hopefully I can at least mop the rest of the floor!

How was your kitchen week? Do you get frustrated when you can’t seem to squeeze in even 15 minutes?

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