See how cool Flylady is? We’re already back to the kitchen. I decluttered everything I needed to declutter in the kitchen last month but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to do in there! I’m getting into some detail cleaning this month. The pantry could use a little straitening and the refrigerator needs to be cleaned out and wiped down. I think I’ll also spend extra time mopping the floor and maybe even wash the windows. What are your plans for your kitchen this week?

I’ll also be doing the home blessing hour today. I’m looking forward to it! I was out of town three days last week and a bit of chaos crept in in my absence. 🙂 Laundry will also be a big priority today.

Life has been very full lately and blogging had to take the back burner again. I’ve got at least two furniture posts I’m anxious to put up. My goal is to post at least one of them this week.

I also may start talking about homeschooling soon as that is what is on my mind! Individual home instruction plans (IHIPS) are due in two weeks!! Yikes!!

Have a blessed Monday, my friends. I promise to post with pictures next time. I know posts with no pictures are boring. 🙂