How did you all do this week? Did you get much accomplished in your kitchens? I usually have trouble getting excited about kitchen week. I’m not sure why. Maybe the tasks seem daunting or boring? It was definitely helpful knowing some of you were working along with me. Thank you!

You all have seen my before shots. At the beginning of the week I invited you to submit photos of your spaces if you were game. One of my very dear friends sent me this “before” shot of her kitchen:


She started working on it Wednesday and worked about 30 minutes. Thursday and Friday she worked 15 minutes each day. Look what she accomplished:


It looks great! I love all the pretty baskets she has on her counter to contain things. Thanks so much for sharing with everyone!!

I have to admit that I’m still not really doing flylady like I should. I worked in fits and starts. A couple of days I did pretty much nothing and a couple of days I got on a roll and did a lot (i.e., more than the 15 minutes I was supposed to do.) I managed to go through all the drawers and cabinets but only because of the massive purge we did before we moved last summer. I really don’t have much in my kitchen any longer that I don’t really want there. I found a small pile of things to get rid of:


There is also a pile of out of place things from the drawers for which I have yet to find homes:


I forgot that I was trying to have a “no spend” month this month and spent about $6 at Walmart on drawer organizers. They helped a lot, though. Those two drawers I showed you are very long and slide out easily so there’s a lot of stuff in them and that stuff rolls around disorganized all the time.



I need a few more dividers but I’ll wait until kitchen week comes around again next month.

The most disappointing this really is that I can’t seem to keep the kitchen clean to save my life. This morning when I went to take final “after” pictures I had to totally clean the kitchen again. It didn’t look much different than it did when I took the “before” pictures on Monday. I think what I need is some good old fashioned habit training! (And I’m not talking about the kids although there is more that they could do.)

Kenny got out the Vitamix to make himself a smoothie right before I finished straightening up this morning. I asked him if he would mind waiting a couple of minutes so I could take pictures. He jumped in and helped me finish straightening up. In fact, he really got into it and cleaned all the louvers on the pantry doors!


They look great. Thanks, honey!

So here are the official shots.



After (with help from my Honey):


I did my best to shine the sink. This sink is never going to be “shiny” but it looks better than it did.


Not much that I know to do to make this look better. The enamel is just worn away.

Looks OK from this angle.

I may have tried a little too hard to get the sink clean!


I was feeling pretty good about the kitchen when we finished although I was feeling a little guilty about cleaning it again before taking pictures. I really felt guilty when I walked down the stairs and saw the messes in the foyer and the great room. I’m hoping a clean kitchen will rub off on the rest of the house!

Next week we have the bathroom and one other room. I have a kid bathroom that could definitely use a deep clean. I’m not sure which other room I’ll choose. I’m kind of in the mood to work in the office. I really want to go through some of the boxes that got stuck straight in the cellar when we moved, too. That stuff couldn’t be too important if I haven’t missed it in a year!