On to the kitchen!

The fun thing about flylady is that you don’t stay in one place for long. Each week you work in a different “zone.” She has all the zones listed on her website so you know what is coming up next. I’ll try to get my post on the new zone of the week up by Sunday evening starting next week and show the week’s progress by Friday evening. We aren’t supposed to do zone work on the weekends. Weekends are for family fun and spiritual nourishment — not housework!! I want to make that work!!

This week’s zone is the kitchen. As promised, here is how my kitchen looked yesterday. I took some trash off the countertops but for the most part this is how I found it:

This mostly amounts to people (including ME) not putting things where they belong when they are finished with them.

More of the same. I have all the ingredients out for making oatmeal packets but they’ve been there for about three days and I haven’t made time to make the packets!

Sometimes I wonder why I can’t seem to keep the kitchen clean. It’s so obvious looking at these pictures! Just clean up after myself (and have the kids do the same!).

Most of my cabinets and drawers are OK. I took pictures of two drawers that drive us crazy. They are not organized at all and we all dig through both of them looking for things on a daily basis. I hope to tackle them this week.

I haven’t been able to find kitchen scissors for weeks! And there they are — in the wrong drawer! LOL

After I took these pictures I started dinner. We were having spaghetti last night so after putting the water on to boil for the noodles, I cut up all those bananas you saw on the counter and put them in the freezer for smoothies.


After that I used my trusty kitchen helper the dishwasher and put A LOT of things back where they belonged. Ahhh. Not perfect, but MUCH better.


I left the oatmeal packet ingredients out on the counter and I’m happy to report I did get to those tonight after dinner. 😉 John Elijah was glad as he has been waking up cold (seriously, in JULY?!) and wants a hot breakfast.

I didn’t time myself but I think I was in the kitchen about an hour and a half total and that included all the dinner prep and cutting up three bunches of bananas.

The very first thing you learn when you start poking around flylady’s site or join her e-mail list is that you start with a shiny sink. I’ll have to hang my head on this one. I didn’t start with the sink. This sink is old and tough to clean but I hope to have it shining as much as possible by tomorrow evening. 🙂 This is how I left it last night:


Hope everyone has a fun week in their kitchens! 15 minutes a day will make a world of difference. Today I only managed 12 minutes before someone HAD to have a diaper change and I never made it back for the other three minutes. But in 12 minutes I cleaned out one of those drawers. I can’t wait to see what 15 minutes gets me tomorrow!

Remember, if you want me to post pictures of your kitchens on Friday, send them in! I’d love to see your progress, too.

One final thought — don’t worry if you haven’t started your kitchen yet and it’s already Tuesday night. Flylady stresses to “jump in where you are” and “don’t try to catch up”. I’ve read over and over on her site that it’s easy to get excited at first and do a lot but if you do too much too soon you’ll burn out. I’m pretty sure that’s what I do every time I jump on the flylady bandwagon and the main reason I don’t stay on it. This time I’m taking it slow and doing what I can. The hardest part for me is maintaining what I already cleaned! But we’ll get there “one babystep at a time!”

2 thoughts on “On to the kitchen!

    • Thanks, Donna Jo. I was surprised by how quickly it came together. It really was just some dirty dishes and things out of place. And it made the whole kitchen look like a wreck!

      There is a chain of stores here called Christmas Tree Shops. I bought the curtains there for $5 a panel!

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