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How did you all do on your dining rooms last week? Did you accomplish what you wanted to accomplish? The pride part of me that knew I’d be blogging about it wanted to go crazy last night and finish everything so it would look nice for the blog post. 🙂 But the human part of me thought that was nuts and I always want to be real on this blog anyway.

I did what I could last week and the rest will have to wait until dining room week comes around again next month. That’s the beauty of flylady. If you don’t get it all done, it’s OK. It comes around again and again. It may not be perfect but it’s better than it was at the beginning of last week!

Here’s how it looked last week:


Here’s how it looks now:


It doesn’t look a whole lot different, does it? It took some time to get all the school stuff off the walls. It may seem silly to take down all the maps and posters but I wanted to get a fresh perspective for next year. Some things we won’t need to use again like the map of North America. That was up so we could track the early explorers. We won’t be studying them again for a long time. I’m not even sure yet what we’ll need up for next year! I just knew I wanted to start over.

After the walls I tackled the homeschool bookshelf. I took everything off and put it on the dining room table to sort through. It took a long time and I got distracted by this bookshelf:


It housed the homeschool books for the year that I didn’t necessarily need on a daily basis. I somehow managed to start going through it, too, and pulling books that need to be stored for the younger kids (and make room for new books!). That’s one of my big problems in cleaning. I don’t stay on task very well! When I emptied the short bookshelf from the dining room I moved it into the living room and turned it into a spot to house toddler toys.


That’s all well and good for now but I’m probably going to need it again in about 8 weeks…

The mess that is on the hutch now is actually a different mess than was on it at the beginning of the week. It’s actually somewhat organized mess at the moment.

PhotobucketMessy hutch at the beginning of the week
PhotobucketOrganized mess

These are papers that need to be filed and books that need to be stored for later. I got waylayed on finishing this project because I didn’t want to pull the filing box off the storage shelf nor did I want to look for book boxes in the cellar. I also do NOT want to buy more storage boxes. I’ll purge if I have to but given that we have no idea what is going on job wise in the next few years I’m very reluctant to hold on to too much stuff.

I’m not too disappointed with the progress. We had a lot of unexpected things pop up last week and I wasn’t able to work on the dining room as much as I wanted. But that’s life, isn’t it? I think I got my 15 minutes a day in and for now, that’s good enough. Hopefully next month I can tackle those messy hutch drawers and clean out the kids’ personal school bins!!

Next up: the kitchen!! Are you ready? I’ll post pictures of my kitchen tomorrow and I promise to post the pictures I took today as soon as I read on flylady.com that it was kitchen week. I’d love for you to join me again. If you want to have pictures of your spaces posted just let me know. It would be fun to see others’ progress, too!

2 thoughts on “Dining room progress

  1. Ok. Remember that I said that last week’s zone was my cleanest zone? Well, I managed to find 5 sets of 15 min. of things to do. Got rid of a whole bag of trash from the entry. Cleaned off the front porch. (Didn’t even know how many toys were on it and the leaves were a mess). Then did 2 sessions getting the cat hair off the dining room chairs. (We bought plastic covers, but I just put the covers over the nasty chairs. That wasn’t the plan, so we are in business now!)

    Kitchen, huh? Yeah, I could probably clean out some stuff this week. LOL! Thanks for the gentle prodding! 🙂

    • I love it when I’ve really got the flylady thing going and I get to a zone I think is already in good shape. It’s so much fun to do the detail cleaning! Sounds crazy but it is. And isn’t it amazing how the more you clean the more you realize needs to be cleaned? Sounds like you got a lot accomplished in your zone!

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