Field Trip Friday: Little Troy Park

The Field Trip Friday feature on Daffodil Days is going on hiatus after today. I could list lots of reasons to take a break but the main one is that we found this lovely little swim club and we’ve decided to go there every Friday through the summer!

I read once that to a kid, the mark of a good summer is how many times they get wet. 😉 We’ve never been great with getting the kids to the pool (it’s scary to keep an eye on six at once!), but this place is small enough that we feel pretty comfortable with it.

It has play equipment…


And trees to climb…


It has a beach…


and a small pond to splash around in (with lifeguard!)…



What more could you ask for? (oh yeah, it has a couple of grills, a volleyball net, and some picnic benches, too!)

We’ll continue our exploration of New York come fall when we’re back in school. For the summer, we’ll be relaxing at the beach!

One thought on “Field Trip Friday: Little Troy Park

  1. Oh, no! I’ll miss the blogs about Field Trip Friday! I have loved visiting NY through your trips. You’ll have to blog about the adventures at the “beach.” We’ve had so many stories about flesh-eating bacteria in our waters that I’ve not taken the kids to the local swimming holes. Grace did get to go tubing with a friend who lives on the lake, though. She was scared to go, but she ended up having a blast. How are your little ones ding with the water? Does everyone like to get wet??
    Love you guys!

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