Is 5 harder than 1?

I had all five children at the grocery store with me a few days ago and we got all the usual comments: “are they all yours?”, “you have your hands full,” etc. But really, five is easier than one. Am I serious? 100%.

When baby #1 came along, I was totally green. I had only babysat a couple of times in my life and only once for a baby. He peed on me while I was trying to figure out how in the world to work the Diaper Genie. Life with a baby was tough. My husband and I are no different from anyone else. We were selfish. We liked to do what we wanted when we wanted and most of all, we liked to spend our money on whatever. That was the best part of being a grown up, right? Baby #1 changed all that a bit. 🙂 Suddenly, we were extremely sleep deprived, I was hauling a baby with me on assignments at the newspaper (where I went back to work 2 weeks after having baby #1), and all our money was going for diapers and baby equipment. I was my child’s constant (and only) companion as dad worked an hour away from home in downtown Dallas the first 10 months and then was in seminary the next 12. Yes, all the wonderful moments with my sweet child far outweighed the rough, but life definitely changed dramatically.

Things are so completely different by baby #5. The whole shock of life with a baby is old hat. Yes, sleepless nights are still tough but you know it’s a passing phase. Iz sleeps 12 hours straight now and it’s glorious. I am not the only one around that can care for her. In fact, I have people lined up begging to feed her at meal time. 🙂 I do not have to sit by her side every minute that she plays on the floor. If she cries while I’m making dinner 4 other little people are on call to entertain.

Is this a plug for large families? YOU BET!! I would NEVER have dreamed I would have had 5 children. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.






7 thoughts on “Is 5 harder than 1?

  1. Nancy, I LOVE the pic of N. kissing S. !! Extremely cute! You have a beautiful family. I read Fr. B’s blog about the museum. Absolutely hilarious.
    Love, Donna Jo

    • I’m sure there is some button somewhere in the admin section regarding date and time. I’ll see if I can find it and put it on central.

  2. How cute! My girls had fun watching N feed the peas to S. I wish you didn’t make her wrap it up so soon! We love hearing her talk and giggle. Oh, I miss my baby’s lisp so much!
    Blessings, N

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