Field Trip Friday: Happy Flag Day!


I think I like doing this feature a week behind. We actually went to the Adirondack Museum yesterday but I managed to take 175 pictures so it’s going to take me a few days to get that post ready. 🙂 We took last Friday off from field trips, but we did walk down to our town’s annual Flag Day parade on Thursday evening so I’m going to count that for this week’s post.

We almost didn’t go to the parade. We had seen signs up about it for a couple of weeks and thought it would be a nice thing to do but we made no plans. That evening dinner was really late for some reason and as time drew near for the parade to start we were just sitting down to eat. Then we decided to just do it. We ate, threw our shoes on, and took off. The parade was supposed to start at 7 p.m. We left the house around 7:10. As far as we could tell all we missed were a group of sailors and a group of bagpipers. (which we deduced by the fact that they were still walking around.)


It really was a very nice parade. We were able to walk down to it which was lovely. A local realty company gave all the children balloons. Some people let go of theirs (luckily, none of my kids. whew!)


We saw a lot of historical figures.


We saw this lovely patriotic band.

We talked to our neighbors. Jesse finally got to meet an old neighbor of ours who was born in the same month as Jesse and guess what his name is? Jesse!


I think Sophia liked it best. But Jesse was very good natured, too. We kept him in the stroller as it was a pretty crowded affair. But he didn’t seem to mind.


I promised a post on that nightstand this week and I haven’t gotten to it yet. So many things to post about! Novella’s big dance recital is this afternoon and next week is the last week of school. Maybe after quarterly reports and annual assessments are turned in I can catch up on blogging. And housework. 😉

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