A simple project and a new and exciting way to kill spiders!


After church Sunday the whole family stopped by Lowes to pick up some knobs for Novella’s newly painted chest/night stand (post on that project coming this week!). While we were there we picked up some basil and a couple of tomato plants for the patio. While we do have a back yard we share it with two apartments so I don’ feel I can really dig into the dirt and plant a garden. But there’s nothing wrong with container gardening!

Novella was out with Dad yesterday afternoon at a dance rehearsal and the rest of us headed outside to get those plants in their pots! I had picked up a bag of organic potting soil a few weeks ago and luckily it was exactly enough to pot our tomatoes and basil.


All of the kids wanted to help — even Wesley! Jesse put one handful of dirt in the pot and he was done. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture. He was more interested in playing in the yard.


Wesley helped out by pushing Jesse and Sophia around in the Pooh car for a while. It was apparently hard work!


Sophia and John Elijah were all over the gardening, though. Abe was, too! We got the plants in the dirt fairly quickly.


Things went a little crazy after they turned on the water. I resisted at first but then I caved and let them play for a few minutes. I even held the hose so the big boys could get in on the action, too. Novella was sorry she missed it.


We even saw a rainbow in the water stream and Abe caught a picture of it. Can you see it?


Hopefully we can keep the plants alive this time. I don’t have a great track record with, well, pretty much anything that grows in a pot or in the ground. When it was time to clean up we saw a scary looking black spider on the water hose! It was black with white spots.


Kenny doesn’t think it was dangerous. I plan on looking it up. At the time it looked plenty dangerous! I was afraid to try to smack it because it didn’t look like it would kill easily. I instructed the boys to keep an eye on it’s whereabouts while I ran into the house for the spider spray. Of course I couldn’t find it. The boys were concerned. They didn’t want to smack it, either, but neither did they want to just leave it to find it’s way into the house!

So I did the next best thing. I sprayed it with left over polyacrylic spray from the night stand re-do. 🙂 It did the trick and turned the spider a cool metallic blue.


The boys were impressed at my ingenuity. My head is a little bigger.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend polyacrylic spray as a spider spray, though. It is a bit pricey as a bug killer. Wink

4 thoughts on “A simple project and a new and exciting way to kill spiders!

  1. Looks like a fun day. Hope the tomatoes and basil grow well for you. (I have a brown thumb myself, so I totally understand.) 🙂
    Inventive pest control too. 🙂

  2. Now that is the difference between us. I would have let the spider alone. I often tell them if they stay out of my house they will be allowed to live but should they venture into my house, they are dead meat!

  3. I didn’t know you kept the Pooh car! Makes Grandma proud that all six of the littles have enjoyed it! Did I haul it to Texas for Abe’s first birthday or was it for Christmas? I remember it was such a big box I wasn’t sure I could get it in my car! Hope the plants do well! Love, G’ma Julie

  4. @Dave: I used to have the same philosophy but right after we moved here I got a bad spider bite on my arm while I was sleeping. So I didn’t want that spider to have a chance to get in the house!

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