FIELD TRIP FRIDAY: State Museum in Albany


We’re really making an effort to go somewhere and see something cool in New York on Fridays. Actually, we had hoped to get together with friends but Wesley woke up with a sore throat and it was supposed to rain. Since Wesley didn’t feel too bad we decided to drive to Albany and check out the State Museum. Almost everyone we know has highly recommended it and we thought an indoor museum would be perfect if it rained and not too taxing on Wesley.

We got a bit of a late start and arrived at the museum right at lunch time. We ate a quick lunch in the car and walked over to the museum. Dad pointed the way.


We weren’t sure how long everyone would last but we knew the kids would love the carousel so we went up to the 4th floor and rode it first. (that later proved to be a wise decision!)


I decided to sit in one of the static booths with Jesse since it was his first carousel ride and I wasn’t sure how he would react. John joined us. Turns out it was his first carousel ride, too!


When the ride started we realized right away we did NOT sit in a static booth. It was a spinning booth!


Luckily the boys loved it! We found out after we got off that those horses were hand carved in 1895!

Here’s my favorite picture of the day:


After the ride ended we explored. There were lots of interesting treasures on the 4th floor. It was like a storage/ display area for cool things from the area that might have been thrown away or destroyed. Like this old sign from New York City:


There was also a car owned by Franklin Roosevelt:


And little ham was ever ready for a photo op. 🙂


Downstairs on the first floor they had a massive display of the nature of the Adirondack area.


And a hands on kids area that even the big kids enjoyed a lot.


Jesse had been in the stroller through the Adirondack area.

Photobucket (Where is my little baby? This boy’s getting big!)

We let him out to explore the kids area and he loved it!


After the kids area we got tired. We did a quick run through of the museum shop and then headed for home.

Now doesn’t that sound like a lovely day?

But let’s always keep it real. 😉

It took forever to decide where to go. We actually went through a AAA travel guide and wrote down 25 possibilities before deciding on one. Then we had to make a lunch to take with us and stop for gas on the way. About half way there we realized we didn’t print out directions. We’d been to the state capitol (which is across the street) so Kenny thought he could find it again. He did.


One kid had a melt down in the car as we were eating lunch because she didn’t get enough chips. And the kids were grumpy with each other before we ever got to the front door. I don’t know what Jesse ate the day before but I had to change his diaper about 5 times. Wesley began to feel miserable about half way through the museum. It’s a good thing we rode the carousel first. If we had waited to the end we wouldn’t have done it at all!

Remember last week when I planned ahead and put stew in the crock pot? I wasn’t so smart this week. I, for some crazy reason, thought I could come home and make homemade pizza! Yeah. That didn’t happen! We all crashed for a while when we got home and then I ran to the store and bought 3 frozen pizzas. 😆

So behind the scenes it wasn’t a picture perfect day. We’re all human here. We’re still glad we went and we enjoyed the museum. We just need to plan the details a little better next go round!

2 thoughts on “FIELD TRIP FRIDAY: State Museum in Albany

  1. Hey girl, just read this blog. I loved it!! That truly is life with kids 🙂 I can’t believe how big all your kids are getting, baby Jesse has gotten so big!! Time goes by so quickly!

  2. Loved this post. So glad y’all are seeing the sights even though it takes an act of congress to get there! Love that you included the “real” story at the end!

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