Easter season


I’m going to be a wee bit lame today. I’m trying VERY hard to blog at least three times a week but I’m not quite in the groove yet. So today’s post is going to be more of a half post and I’ll finish it later in the week. I’m going to go ahead and publish it because I know some of you want to see Easter pics and haven’t given in yet to the Facebook monster. 😉

The above picture was taken at church after the service. We had a beautiful Easter service with our talented organist singing a solo at communion and our PRIEST playing the trumpet throughout the service. It was definitely an EXTRA special service. I wish I had a pic of the priest with the trumpet. Maybe I can get him to don his church garb just for a blog pic.

Before we left home I wanted to get a picture of the children together in their Easter clothes. I had some trouble…

You should have seen the look of surprise on Abe’s face when the flash went off as he was putting on his socks. ha ha ha ha ha

Jesse didn’t really want to co-operate. He heard there was candy in the baskets…

So Abe tried to hold him.

This was the best I could do but for some reason I absolutely love it! I can be a perfectionist about things like this and the kids are somewhat used to me taking dozens of shots to get the right one, but on this morning perfection didn’t feel right. So I let it go once I had a clear shot with everyone looking in my general direction. And the kids were glad. 🙂

Blogging time is up for today. More later…

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