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All of my children are artistic and they love crafts. It’s sad for them, really. Because I do not. At all. But sometimes I push myself out of my comfort zone for their sakes. I remind myself that even though I am like my mother in my dislike of all things messy, I went to public school where I was allowed (forced) to do messy crafts at least once a month if not more often.

Last week was the National Cherry Blossom Festival. I may not have noticed except that my best friend lives in a place which celebrates the Cherry Blossom Festival big time. I got to visit her once during cherry blossom time and it was incredibly beautiful. So beautiful that now I’m always sad not to be able to visit her this time of year!

This year I ran across a cherry blossom craft by chance about a week before the festival at a design blog I’ve been frequenting lately called Small Notebook for a Simple Home. I fell in love with it and knew Novella would love to do it.

I actually purchased all the supplies I would need at Michaels and then I let them sit around for a while and procrastinated. Then I thought about the Eat That Frog book that I read recently and decided to just get it done. Last Saturday morning while the big boys were all gone to a martial arts class, the girls and John Elijah (who loves crafts and artsy stuff more than I can say plus also loves flowers) got it done. I pretty much let everyone do it themselves. I showed them the website with the directions and they knocked it out in about half an hour. I squeezed out the paint and helped Sophia a little with the blossom placement. For the most part it was fairly painless on my part. 🙂 The only slightly annoying things were the fact that Jesse was running around desperately trying to smack his chubby little hands in some paint and Novella decided to paint flowers all over a lampshade before I could clean up. We finally contained Jesse in his highchair with a snack and I told myself to relax about the lampshade. It turned out really cute!

The first thing I let them do was practice on a piece of paper to get a feel for the brushes and the thick acrylic paint.

One brush stood out as the best to use for the tree trunk (I bought a variety pack for $5) so they took turns painting.


I had only saved one 2 liter bottle so they also had to take turns painting the blossoms. I was a little worried about the thickness of the acrylic paint but it worked just fine.

Buster Brown was quite happy once he had a leftover pancake to munch on while he watched the goings on. 🙂

And Novella, who can never get enough of the craft thing, went on to paint that plain pink lampshade I picked up for her room.

The boys arrived home before we finished which was a little crazy as Novella was worried they were going to bump into her. But they didn’t. Everything was fine and crafting day was a success.

Now I wonder how long it will take me to get these on the wall? Better read that frog book again…

9 thoughts on “Cherry blossom craft

  1. These are beautiful! Even the lamp! This is the best way to enjoy the cherry blossoms – no pollen. 🙂
    Love you all!

  2. Wow! Those are really really good!! Yes, You have to hang them. And that lampshade! What a great idea and it turned out so pretty!

  3. So glad you’re back to blogging – I love reading your insights, funny stories and am inspired by your efforts! I have a very crafty 9-year-old daughter, which was a big shock, because her 2 older brothers avoided all things artsy when they were younger and they still do! I am NOT creative, but have tons of supplies for HER to do her creativity projects! Oh, and I LOVE how the lampshade turned out!

  4. Thank you for the sweet comments everyone. It helps a lot to have the comments enabled and know I’m not just talking to myself. 🙂

  5. They look beautiful!!! Thanks for blogging about your experience. Seems like they had a really fun time. And Novella’s lamp shade is so cute! She did awesome! 🙂 Good job on just letting them create even though it’s not really “your thing”. That is hard to do, I know. Miss your sweet family. Hugs!

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