Me time

Most popular magazines will tell you that mom must have some “me” time. Most homeschooling magazines will point out that maybe that mentality is wrong and will wind up in a frustrated mom because homeschooling moms often don’t have time for me time.

What about in my house? Do I get me time? Do I need it? YES, I need time to myself and to be perfectly honest I’m really grumpy when I don’t get it. I like to be alone for about half an hour in the morning to drink my coffee and check my e-mail. My kids know this. For the most part they leave me alone. Most of the kids sleep later than I do and the one that doesn’t is a loner and likes his personal time, too, so it all works out.

At least it did.

And then there was New York.

Our house here has an odd arrangement. The master bedroom and bath, great room, baby’s room/nursery, and office are downstairs. The other five kids’ bedrooms are upstairs with the kitchen, dining room and living room. So in order to make my morning coffee I have to go up the creaky stairs, open the creaky gate and make coffee in a kitchen directly off of the children’s bedrooms. Did I mention that they sleep with their doors open?

So, I’ve been a little grumpy in New York. 😉

Today I took steps to remedy the situation. I bought a mini fridge off craigslist for $20 and set up a little coffee station downstairs in Kenny’s office. The plan is to get up and stay downstairs long enough to have my coffee, read my Bible, pray and check my e-mail. We’ll see how it goes. Oftentimes expectations get me into trouble.

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