So much to talk about!

Wow. Where in the world to start? Well, for one thing, I’ve decided to take part in the blogging challenge over at The Nester. I thought at first that you just had to write a blog post on something for 31 days. That shouldn’t be too hard. But after reading more carefully I realized that you have to pick a topic and write on that topic ONLY for 31 days. That would be more difficult under normal circumstances, but…

I currently do not have normal circumstances. In fact, I just did something absolutely DRASTIC. I moved. Hundreds of miles away. From ALABAMA to NEW YORK!! Yep. I did it. Well, we did it. My husband, children and dog are here, too. 🙂

So my topic for the month of October will be LIFE IN NEW YORK. I’m not sure what all that will entail but rest assured there will be lots of talk about APPLES. 🙂 There will be a few posts on organization as that is really lacking in our new home so far. Contentment may creep in as I’m struggling to find things I like about the new house.

For tonight I’ll just mention that since we have moved to New York Jesse has decided that he is too mature for nursing. 🙁 Yep. The “Booby Baby” ticker has been removed. The end of an era for me. There was a brief time between babies 3 and 4 where I was not nursing or pregnant but aside from that I have been doing one or the other for the past 13 years! I’m sad that I no longer have a little nursling but I’m also excited in a way. I’ve been wanting to try a juicing diet with Kenny but didn’t want to compromise the nursing relationship. Now I can try it. Maybe I can finally get rid of those last 15 unwanted pounds!

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