What does your Saturday look like?

I love lazy Saturdays. Today hasn’t started too lazy. I was feeding little girl around 6:40 this morning when the tornado sirens went off and woke up all the rest of the children. Happily it didn’t put me in a bad mood as often happens if I don’t get a few minutes alone in the morning.  Instead all the kids piled up on the bed with us to watch the weather on TV and I did my Bible reading in the bed after the current threat of tornado passed. I’m still sitting in the bed in my pjs playing around on the computer and it is now 8:09 a.m. It’s shaping up to be a nice day despite the weather. 🙂

Little people are periodically reminding me that they are hungry (even though they have eaten a whole package of crackers already!) so I need to throw on some clothes and head to the kitchen. We’re having waffles at our house today. What are you having at your house?

After breakfast and feeding baby again we are going to venture out to the bi-annual consignment sale to look for a high chair for Iz. If everyone is still fairly happy and well behaved we will pick up family pictures from Sears and stop by Target for diapers.

I’m hoping to get back home by 11:30 a.m. to watch cooking shows. I love to take a nap on Saturdays while watching cooking shows.

The rest of the day we’re going to clean house. VERY WELL as baby is clearly chomping at the bit to figure out the crawling thing. I think it will be another month or two before she figures it out but it’s time to get ready!

I hope you are blessed with a fun and relaxing Saturday.

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