Freezer Cooking Day Results

Whew! I had forgotten how much work a freezer cooking day is! The best part, though, is that I got to devote almost a whole day to one of the things I like to do the most — cook. 🙂

I had planned to put up several posts to walk a freezer cooking “newbie” through the steps. I may do a bit of that next time around. This time I’ll just give a tip that makes the day go smoother for me. I like to write all my recipes out on cards and then tape the cards to my kitchen cabinet fronts on the counter where I’ll be making that recipe. It makes it so much easier to have the recipes all right in front of me and not taking up counter space.


The cards are not color-coded or anything. I just happened to have these cards in the back of my card file.

I started the day with granola. I made 4 batches which I’m hoping will last for four cereal mornings. I’ll be keeping track to see how quickly we use things up so I can adjust on next month’s cooking day.

Actually, come to think of it, I didn’t start with granola. The first thing I did at 6 a.m. even before I started my coffee was to get a huge pot of pinto beans going in the crock pot. I had soaked 32 ounces of pintos the night before. I drained them, added fresh water and a couple of ham hocks and turned them on low to cook all day.

I progressed with making 4 pancake mixes, 4 cornbread mixes, 6 oatmeal packets (I would have made more but I ran out of quick oats), 2 1/2 dozen Fall Comfort Muffins, 1 pumpkin bread, about 5 dozen pumpkin cookies and 8 pizza crusts. I did not get to the banana bread but decided I didn’t really need it for next month. I cut the 4 bananas I had set aside for the bread into chunks and flash froze them for smoothies.

The last chore of the day (and the only picture I took of all the food) was to bag up the pinto beans into 2 cup packs.


The only thing left to do was clean up the mess. I tried to clean as I went along which helped a lot. But I didn’t get my kitchen completely back in order until the next day. One of my little helpers wiped out the fridge for me. 🙂


I didn’t get the kids too involved this go round but they are anxious to help. I may set them up making packets next month. I’ve already got lots of ideas whirling around for the next cooking day. Especially since the 3rd Friday in November happens to be the Friday before Thanksgiving!!

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  1. If you have some ‘old-fashioned’ oatmeal, you can always do the old ‘chop-n-stop’ in the food processor to make your own instant oatmeal.

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