The main thing

It’s absolutely crazy at my house right now. We’re having a hard time finding a new “normal” since Jesse’s arrival. Schedules are totally out the window.

A good friend of mine told me recently to keep the main thing the main thing.

Hmm. I’ve pondered on that quite a lot. The obvious “main thing” is Jesus. I know I must keep him first and foremost. I know I cannot do this job by myself. I know I must have Him walking beside me or even carrying me as the famous poem suggests.

But beyond that. On a daily basis. The practical. What is the main thing? I think there are several:
1. Feed Jesse.
2. Love on Sophia. Life is hard for a 2 year old with a new baby in the house.
3. Always speak with kindness and love to the other children.
4. Pray for the gift of patience — all day — every day.
5. Basic home maintenance — dishes, laundry, floors clear, bathrooms clean.

I think that may cover it. It doesn’t sound so overwhelming now that I can see it in black and white. 🙂

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