Invasion of the Smurfs

It started out innocently enough. Facebook had this quiz: “What is your smurf name?” You type in your real name and it comes up with a smurf name for you. Fun, right? I was game. I wanted to know my smurf name. So I typed in my name and got “Insane smurf.” Oh well. I already knew that.
The problem is that one of the little people in my household happened to look over my shoulder while I was doing this and of course he wanted to know his smurf name, too. Eventually I was coming up with all kinds of smurf names (because your middle name obviously will be a different smurf name that your first name and then there is the option of using your first and middle names together…) Multiply that by 7 people in the house and we came up with a lot of smurf names.
Slightly time consuming but no big deal really. Except that after all of the name entry one of the genius kiddos realized they didn’t know what in the world a smurf is!!!
Easily remedied. We have Netflix. Last Wednesday the first volume of the first ever season of The Smurfs arrived in our mailbox. Since we were a little under the weather we stayed home from church and plugged in the DVD after dinner.
Unfortunately, we discovered our second son, W., has a gift for impersonations. In fact, if I didn’t know he is only 8 years old and I didn’t know where he is 100% of the time, I would swear he was the voice of one of the smurfs. Which one? Brainy smurf. Yep. Dead ringer. He sounds exactly like him. And he is so excited to have mimicked the voice so well that he is now speaking like Brainy Smurf ALL THE TIME. You remember Brainy Smurf, don’t you? The only who starts every sentence with “Papa Smurf always says…” and then gets chucked out of the village on his ear because he is so annoying.
Please, somebody, save me from the smurfs!!!
Oh yeah. We sent the DVD back today but they let it go only with the promise that I would add Season 1 Disc 2 to the queue.

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