Field Trip Friday: Return to Apple Tree Farm

A couple of weekends ago, the kids and Kenny and I returned to our favorite Apple Orchard for their annual Farm Fest. Of course, I wanted to get the kids’ photo in front of the orchard’s sign like I did the previous two years. And, of course, the sign was not there this year. 🙁 But they had some cool decor on the porch to use as a photo backdrop.

Just for reference, here are the group pics from 2011 and 2012:

Riverview 2011 with wm

Poor Jesse didn’t even make it into this one. I had no idea it would become a tradition! I took this pic at the end so I bet he was asleep in the sling. 🙂 Just so he doesn’t get skipped, here is one of my favorite pics of him from that year:

Jesse eating apple 2011 wm

Riverview 2012

Wow. Just wow. What a difference a year makes in the life of a teenager!! They change as quickly as babies!! Here is the shot from this year:

Riverview Orchard 2013

Some of my favorites: 🙂

Jesse laughing at dad
No idea what was on Jesse’s mind in the hay maze!

John hayride
John Elijah on the hayride.

dadandboys behind the wagon
There was no room on the hayride for Dad and the boys so they walked down to the orchard. You can see them if you look closely.

sophia with apple bag
Sophia wanted to carry the apple bag.

jesse with apple bag
The minute she sat it down, Jesse ran off with it!

abe and kenny apple picking
Abe and Kenny came up with a way to get the high apples!

wes and kenny picking apples
Wesley had to try it, too! Good thing Dad’s been working out!!

jesse picking apple
Just a cute apple picking photo.

mom and kids on hayride
Proof that I was actually there. Thank, Abe. 🙂

big boys at the apple farm
My handsome young men.

I’m so glad we’re still in New York at apple picking time. We were sad when we thought we might have to leave in August and miss it. In fact, I think we may have to walk down to the orchard this weekend and pick a few more!

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