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The Heart of Home Schooling by Christopher Klicka

Surrender to Love by David G. Benner
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Time out with Mommy

One of the most looked forward to times in our house is “time out with Mommy.” That sounds a little conceded, doesn’t it? But in a household with 6 kids it’s tough to get mommy to yourself. We rotate kids and about once every 2 weeks to a month I take one of the kids […]

The Boys’ Room (aka, pit of despair!)

The boys’ room has been a big frustration since we moved into the New York rental. The boys’ room is always a messy pit of legos but here it was an exceptional problem. Problem #1: 3 boys in a room the size of a large closet. Problem #2: NO CLOSET. At all. Not kidding. Just […]

Before and After — Washroom

I think I’m finally starting to get my groove. For the longest time I’ve just been grumpy about the house we’re renting. Don’t get me wrong. I’m very grateful that we were able to find something in New York for a reasonable price. It just isn’t me. But I’m dealing. I’m working on contentment. Recently […]