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The Heart of Home Schooling by Christopher Klicka

Surrender to Love by David G. Benner
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A few of my favorite things — Christmas edition

As you know, we moved over the summer. We were ready to move but it was (is) still tough. It’s tough especially because there were lots of things we liked about our old house and few we like about our new temporary living situation. It’s not easy to change, to leave behind the familiar. But […]

Thanksgiving 2011

We spent the week before Thanksgiving making very elaborate Thanksgiving lapbooks for school. Did I take any pictures of them? Apparently not! Oh well. We had a blast and learned a lot! The best part about Thanksgiving this year was that I relaxed and let the kids help a lot. They loved it. And they […]

Dad turns 40!

Alas, late again. One day I’ll get it together. Maybe. Tuesday of Thanksgiving week was Dad’s 40th birthday! We celebrated a total of 3 times. First with our cousin from England, Amy. 2nd the church had a luncheon for him on the Sunday before his birthday and then on his actual birthday we did a […]

Technical note: Why are comments closed?

I LOVE to hear feedback about blogposts but unfortunately I don’t know how to control spam on the blog. And the spam got so bad (over 10,000!) that the very generous guy hosting this blog (THANK YOU BRIAN!) was losing too much space. So for now I had to close the comments. But feel free […]

A little behind…

but I promised a very dear friend that I would post Halloween and Thanksgiving pictures. Halloween was only 5 weeks ago, right? It’s not too late. Here we go. The Bailey Bunch on Halloween 2011: We took a one day break from normal school and did “Halloween School.” It was so much fun! Who knew […]