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The Heart of Home Schooling by Christopher Klicka

Surrender to Love by David G. Benner
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First Snow!

We had our first snow here in New York yesterday. Here are a few photos. A couple of the kids ran out just for a picture and then ran right back in as they were not dressed for the weather. In fact, we’re really not prepared yet. We ordered snow coats, pants and boots today […]

Picture post for the Kings

This is just for you Mrs. Diane and Mr. Charlie. We miss you!

Apples, apples, apples

Sometimes I used to wish I lived in the Northeast so I could get cheap apples in the fall. I really wanted to can applesauce, apple pie filling, apple butter. But I didn’t think I would ever live in the Northeast. Really. I NEVER EVER IN MY WILDEST DREAMS EVER THOUGHT I WOULD LIVE IN […]

Me time

Most popular magazines will tell you that mom must have some “me” time. Most homeschooling magazines will point out that maybe that mentality is wrong and will wind up in a frustrated mom because homeschooling moms often don’t have time for me time. What about in my house? Do I get me time? Do I […]

Church at home

One of the most challenging things about our new life in New York is that our church services are currently being held in our home. We have a great room downstairs that we set up for Sundays and for the most part we don’t use that room at all during the week. To get ready […]

So much to talk about!

Wow. Where in the world to start? Well, for one thing, I’ve decided to take part in the blogging challenge over at The Nester. I thought at first that you just had to write a blog post on something for 31 days. That shouldn’t be too hard. But after reading more carefully I realized that […]