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The Heart of Home Schooling by Christopher Klicka

Surrender to Love by David G. Benner
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3/4 of a year old!

Izzy is 9 months old!! She is still such a sweetie. A little bit of “mommy clinginess” is creeping in which is sad for the people at church that love to hold her. Hopefully it will be short-lived. She continues to be very happy and can entertain herself for ages. She loves to just sit […]

Mission Strawberries: Complete

I know by now you are all getting weary of posts about strawberries. I promise this is the last one for now. One final picture of our traditional Saturday night dessert: homemade ice cream — strawberry, of course! A sweet ending to a sweet week. Next week we need to diet!!

Whew! Almost finished with the strawberries!

Here’s the current update on the list: * One loaf of egg bread in the breadmaker * Freeze 2 more gallons of strawberries * Batch of strawberry jam * Angel food cake so we can have strawberry shortcakes * Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies * Banana pumpkin chocolate chip muffins * Cut up and freeze lots […]

Free resource

Homeschool Freebie of the Day is offering a great (free) deal today only. It’s a package on Paul Revere including 2 audio files (mP3), an ebooklet, and a pdf art lesson. Visit http://homeschoolfreebieoftheday.com to download your freebies!

Baking day update

Well, I didn’t do as well as I had hoped today, but I’m still proud of what got accomplished. And tomorrow is another day. Here’s what got done: * One loaf of egg bread in the breadmaker * Freeze 2 more gallons of strawberries * Batch of strawberry jam * Angel food cake so we […]

Vacation – Baking Day

We’ve got a lot to do today. So much that it might not feel like vacation except that we chose to stay home and work around the house on this week. K. will be tackling 2 projects today: 1. installing a hood above our stove with the help of the friend that is giving it […]

It’s strawberry season again!

Oh how we all love strawberry season. Last year we found an amazing organic strawberry farm whose berries literally taste like they are from heaven. We were so lucky this year that the strawberry farm hit it’s peak on the week we are having spring break and dad is on vacation. We spent some time […]

Sweet baby is 8 months old!

Just a quick picture to mark baby’s 8th month (a bit late, I’m afraid! Baby was 8 months on 3/24). A dear friend and two of her daughters visited a couple of weeks ago and snapped this great shot of Iz and me. Photo by Natalie Meyer