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The Heart of Home Schooling by Christopher Klicka

Surrender to Love by David G. Benner
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How about a nice post with pictures of the baby?

I’m feeling nostalgic this morning. Things have been wild since Jesse bear was born and I haven’t posted pictures of him like I did of Sophia. I thought maybe I’d make a slide show of his first six months just for fun. Here’s my sweet cuddly baby: (Enjoy, Grandma. )

New posts coming…maybe :)

Well, I was about to put up a brand new post all about the new baby (yes, he’s here! he’s already 2 1/2 weeks old!!). But… he decided to start screaming which made S. start screaming. Since I now have 2 screaming babies I’m thinking it isn’t really a good time for blogging. Soon… I […]

Happy Birthday, Little Butterfly

Words cannot begin to express how blessed I feel to have had my sweet Iz in my life for the past year. The time has flown but it has all been a dream. Thank you, Lord, for this precious gift of a girl. Sissy N. suggested the birthday theme — butterflies. It was perfect. I […]

I better post the 11 month report quick!!

It’s almost birthday time!! But since it would be a shame to skip the 11 month post when there has been one for every other month, here it is: My Izzy girl on June 24th. The biggest news to report is that she is crawling!! Yea!! And, oh my, is she ever crawling. I can […]

Happy 4th of July!!!

She’s my baby — she likes biscuits

That’s right. My baby likes biscuits. This is important. I was raised on biscuits (and gravy!). I think my grandma made biscuits every day. I’ll never make them like Grandma or my mom but with a little help from Southern Living mine are OK. At least Izzy thinks so… By the way, this little angel […]

3/4 of a year old!

Izzy is 9 months old!! She is still such a sweetie. A little bit of “mommy clinginess” is creeping in which is sad for the people at church that love to hold her. Hopefully it will be short-lived. She continues to be very happy and can entertain herself for ages. She loves to just sit […]

Whew! Almost finished with the strawberries!

Here’s the current update on the list: * One loaf of egg bread in the breadmaker * Freeze 2 more gallons of strawberries * Batch of strawberry jam * Angel food cake so we can have strawberry shortcakes * Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies * Banana pumpkin chocolate chip muffins * Cut up and freeze lots […]

Sweet baby is 8 months old!

Just a quick picture to mark baby’s 8th month (a bit late, I’m afraid! Baby was 8 months on 3/24). A dear friend and two of her daughters visited a couple of weeks ago and snapped this great shot of Iz and me. Photo by Natalie Meyer