Invasion of the Smurfs

It started out innocently enough. Facebook had this quiz: “What is your smurf name?” You type in your real name and it comes up with a smurf name for you. Fun, right? I was game. I wanted to know my smurf name. So I typed in my name and got “Insane smurf.” Oh well. I already knew that.
The problem is that one of the little people in my household happened to look over my shoulder while I was doing this and of course he wanted to know his smurf name, too. Eventually I was coming up with all kinds of smurf names (because your middle name obviously will be a different smurf name that your first name and then there is the option of using your first and middle names together…) Multiply that by 7 people in the house and we came up with a lot of smurf names.
Slightly time consuming but no big deal really. Except that after all of the name entry one of the genius kiddos realized they didn’t know what in the world a smurf is!!!
Easily remedied. We have Netflix. Last Wednesday the first volume of the first ever season of The Smurfs arrived in our mailbox. Since we were a little under the weather we stayed home from church and plugged in the DVD after dinner.
Unfortunately, we discovered our second son, W., has a gift for impersonations. In fact, if I didn’t know he is only 8 years old and I didn’t know where he is 100% of the time, I would swear he was the voice of one of the smurfs. Which one? Brainy smurf. Yep. Dead ringer. He sounds exactly like him. And he is so excited to have mimicked the voice so well that he is now speaking like Brainy Smurf ALL THE TIME. You remember Brainy Smurf, don’t you? The only who starts every sentence with “Papa Smurf always says…” and then gets chucked out of the village on his ear because he is so annoying.
Please, somebody, save me from the smurfs!!!
Oh yeah. We sent the DVD back today but they let it go only with the promise that I would add Season 1 Disc 2 to the queue.

What does your Saturday look like?

I love lazy Saturdays. Today hasn’t started too lazy. I was feeding little girl around 6:40 this morning when the tornado sirens went off and woke up all the rest of the children. Happily it didn’t put me in a bad mood as often happens if I don’t get a few minutes alone in the morning.  Instead all the kids piled up on the bed with us to watch the weather on TV and I did my Bible reading in the bed after the current threat of tornado passed. I’m still sitting in the bed in my pjs playing around on the computer and it is now 8:09 a.m. It’s shaping up to be a nice day despite the weather. 🙂

Little people are periodically reminding me that they are hungry (even though they have eaten a whole package of crackers already!) so I need to throw on some clothes and head to the kitchen. We’re having waffles at our house today. What are you having at your house?

After breakfast and feeding baby again we are going to venture out to the bi-annual consignment sale to look for a high chair for Iz. If everyone is still fairly happy and well behaved we will pick up family pictures from Sears and stop by Target for diapers.

I’m hoping to get back home by 11:30 a.m. to watch cooking shows. I love to take a nap on Saturdays while watching cooking shows.

The rest of the day we’re going to clean house. VERY WELL as baby is clearly chomping at the bit to figure out the crawling thing. I think it will be another month or two before she figures it out but it’s time to get ready!

I hope you are blessed with a fun and relaxing Saturday.

No more coffee!!

I could blame my coffee addiction on my parents. Every single morning of their lives (at least while I knew them) they got up at 6 a.m. and had coffee. While I was growing up it was coffee and cigarettes. 🙁 And they had coffee (and cigarettes) many more times throughout the day. My dad took his coffee with a lot of cream and sugar as this was the way he got used to it as a young Navy man. For some reason he never drank the last drink or two in his cup and sometimes, if I would crawl up on his lap at the right moment, he would let me drink it.

I assumed that when I was a grown up I would wake up and drink coffee before doing anything else. That’s what grown ups do, right? But I didn’t really like coffee. I didn’t drink coffee at all during college or when I had my first real job and apartment. When K. and I registered for wedding gifts we added a nice programmable coffee maker to the list because, well, grown ups have coffee makers, right? And what if we had company over that drank coffee?

The ladies in my office pooled their money and bought it for us. I was very touched as it was a $100 coffee maker. My coffee drinking parents never had anything more than the $24.95 Mr. Coffee from Walmart. Obviously I could not let this primo coffee making machine go to waste so I set out to learn to like coffee. I couldn’t stand the regular Folgers so I starting playing around with different flavors. After a couple of years I found one that I actually liked — the Folgers Gourmet Supreme. I also found a specialty coffee shop that sold a Hazelnut Cinnamon coffee that is excellent. I paid to have it shipped 300 miles to my house when we moved from one state to another.

Did I mention that the coffee pot was programmable? Did I further mention that I found that extremely cool? It also has automatic shutoff which is a very nice feature for a scatterbrain like me. So I started drinking coffee every day. This was about 12 years ago.

My oldest sister told me once that I was addicted. I told her I could give it up any time I wanted. I wasn’t addicted. It was just relaxing to have a cup of coffee in the morning. Besides, it was only one cup. She just laughed.

Well, I can give it up. I just don’t want to. I’ve done it several times. Even for months at a time. But I eventually come back. I’m not proud of it. I’ve been stubbornly refusing to even think about giving it up for about a year now even though I’ve been prego and have a nursing baby. But there is the still small voice. I’ve done so many things to change my eating habits and to steer and direct my family (especially the children) towards foods and drinks that are healthy for their little bodies.

Yesterday N. found me and said that she had found most of the pieces of her little tea set. She was quite excited. I asked her if she was going to have a cup of tea. You know what’s coming, don’t you? She said, “No Mommy. I’m going to have coffee. Just like you.” Ouch.

So, <sigh>, I’m going to give it up. I’m telling all of you because blogging about it is amazing for accountability! I used the last of my coffee grounds this afternoon and before I go to bed I’m going to scrub my nice programmable (albeit now old) coffee maker with automatic shut off and put it outside in the humphrey.

If you happen to think of me tomorrow as you’re having your morning coffee, say a little prayer. It’s going to be a long Sunday. 🙂